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SLAYER (SAFE/RISKY) Requirements: Routine combat gear.
SLAYER (SAFE/RISKY) Requirements: Routine combat gear. A bread and butter of every RuneScape participant with OSRS gold active membership. Slayer offers you entry to the monsters that normally you couldn't kill. Their drop tables are referred to as better than those of regular enemies. This creates an opportunity to make some gold and buy better equipment for your Ironman character.

Although you can earn some gp through Slayer even quite early on, you may have to get to at least 80 Combat and 50 Attack for this procedure to become very profitable. Higher level creatures land greater overall gain and since we came here mainly for gold that you want to be at the maximum combat that you can get. For Ironman, Slayer is a true bet as some of the monsters drop a lot of gold even though some give hardly anything. You cannot decide on which task you're sent so that your best bet will be to prohibit the cheapest ones.I want some fantastic gear with the goal of secure pking (CW, Dueling, ect) and str xp (no whip). I'm considering 3 different gear types. They're as follows... This build will be good for str training. Idk if the fury is well worth it tho. Great for pest control that's one of my fav miniature games. My next construct switches the fury with a DFS. This is the very best defensive option. Probly not as good for training str as build 1 because of the lack of acc because of no d defender. This could be amazing for CW which I love to do though. Additionally, I would have to raise about 2 mil with this build unless I oust the berserker ring.

This construct is probly best for dueling and great for CW. Maybe even pest (high attack is excellent for hitting the portals). The problem is that I hear GWs are poor at educating str. Could u provide a much better choice to these while staying withing 30 mil? Perhaps a bandos item? All 3 choices are attractive to me. I only really have to know that high breaking thing is the most worth it (fury, DFS, BGS).

I'm a Runecrafter and one of my favorite items to buy RuneScape gold craft is Astral Runes. I can craft doubles that usually nets me a massive gain but lately Astrals have tanked in price. As a result of this, I've had to switch to Nature Runes that I don't like crafting as much.
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