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1991 MR2 Turbo swap
Year, Make and Model of Car? ; 1991 Toyota MR2
Mileage? ;216,686
Price ;3000
What is your name? :David
What is your Email Address? :[email protected]
What is your Phone number/AIM Screenname? :5414414946
What is your City? :Fairborn(Dayton)
What is your State? :Ohio
What is your Zip code? :45433

This is the same MR2 that jfisher posted back in early October. Since I bought it I've let it sit and done almost nothing with it. It's the same MR2 with a couple extra parts (muffler grille which hasn't been installed, parking brake, and a tranny which hasn't been put in) and around 300-400 more miles on it. Here is a copy of the craigslist ad:
The car is a 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo swap. The chassis has 221k on it, and engine has around 60k. The car has has all power options besides power steering. This is the t-tops configuration, which means the roof is made of two glass panes which can be pulled out and stowed behind the seat. The paint is gray, with a grey/black interior. The car has a proper title.

The bad:

The transmission doesn't have 3rd. I have a new transmission that comes with the car.

The speedometer doesn't work, which is a common problem with '91 & '92 MR2s. There is a thorough guide which helps you diagnose the problem here: http://www.stephenmason.com/cars/mr2speedo.html. The car comes with the parts usually needed to fix it (A, C, & E on the image from the guide) still in the bag from Toyota

The previous owner said the cruise control wasn't hooked up, but if the speedometer assembly is broken like I think it is, and the cruise control is actually hooked up (which it may or may not be) then repairing the speedometer should also fix the cruise control

The car has been repainted four times, and the current top layer of paint is chipping, mainly on the rear bumper.

The rocker panels on both sides are rusting, and should be replaced.

The muffler grille is missing a section. I actually didn't even notice it until after I bought the car. The car comes with a muffler grille in good condition which needs to be painted and installed.

The car does not come with a radio.

The passenger side window does not work.

The air bag light is on.

The fan works great, but it won't blow cold air. It will blow hot air, though.

Various bits of the interior are missing (driver's side inside door handle backing, shift boot, etc.). You can get these parts fairly cheaply on MR2 forums.

The parking brake does not work. You can pull on the lever, but it doesn't engage.

There may be other things wrong with the car, but I don't think there's anything major that I haven't already listed.

The Good:
The car has the following extras installed:

3" Downpipe
HKS Fuel Cut Defender
HKS Intake
GReddy look-alike SMIC
GReddy manual boost controller
Powdercoated valve cover
ACT Stage 2 Clutch
Bilstein struts and shocks with Eibach springs.

The engine is a JDM 3SGTE. This car is fast; the previous owner took this car to the drag strip, and his best mile time was [email protected] A stock MR2 Turbo runs the mile in 14.7, and that's with a really good driver, which leads me to believe that there may be more under the hood than the parts listed, but I can't verify that.

Essentially, this is a fairly fast car with some good parts that needs to be restored. I left the door ajar a couple weeks ago when pulling something out and came noticed it recently. Of course the battery was completely drained, so it comes with a brand new battery.

I'm selling the car because I'm trying to save for a house and I can save a lot more money on insurance and such if I sell it.

The car has a lien on it, so I can't take any trades. However, if you take the car you were intending to trade and put it up for sale, and find a committed buyer with whom you have finalized a price, I would be willing to hold the car for you for a few days while you sell the car to get the cash together to buy it.

If you have any questions feel free to email me. You can also call or text me at 541-441-4946.
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